GIS (Geographic Information System) Mapping


Using a Geographic Information System map, you can create resident boundaries to determine whether individuals are eligible for Resident Status.


  1. Your company must have the GIS map enabled in the Company Settings page. Enable_GIS.png
  2. Start typing in the main search box "GIS Mapping" to get to your geographical map. You can also find this page by clicking on Settings in the upper right hand corner under System "GIS Mapping".
  3. Using the Hand Tool and the magnification adjuster you can pinpoint where exactly on the map you want to draw your zones. 
  4. To start drawing your boundaries, click on the Drawing icon and press your mouse key to drop each point.
  5. Once you have completed your shape, it will fill in "yellow". If you are satisfied, switch back to the hand tool click on your shape. You can choose whether you want to save what you had done or delete it.GIS_Mapping.png
  6. If you choose to Save the boundaries you created, press Edit Shape.
  7. Name your area and designate a color.
  8. Once you have created your Zone, click the Save & Quit button. 

Residency Pricing article.

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