Task Management

The Task Management features allows you to assign tasks to your employees through DASH. The first step is assigning a new task.  Here you can choose an existing task or create a new custom one and assign it to an employee. Also, if the task involves one of your customers, you can attach the customer in the task as well for reference. You can find this by clicking the drop down arrow in the upper right hand corner next to your name or by starting to type "Tasks" in the Global Search box.

Here is an example of an open task list where you can see all open tasks assigned to you. If an employee has any tasks assigned to them, they will see this on the top menu bar next to their name. If they click on the number, it will open up their task list.

Every time a task is created or updated, an e-mail notification is sent to the person assigned to the task.

If an employee's task assigned includes a customer, their open tasks show up on the customer's profile page. You can also create a task from the customer screen by clicking the Tasks drop down button. This will take you to the New Task form and automatically populates their account info for you.


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