Blocking Rules

Blocking Rules can be set up to prevent events from being booked on an associated resource or sub-resource if a conflicting event is already scheduled. For example, booking a resource for "Entire Facility" will block off all other resources and their sub-resources.

From the Resource Management page, select the resource to add blocking rules to. 


 Select which resource or sub-resource the new blocking rule is for. 

The blocking rules need to be set up in both directions. 

  • Entire Facility blocks Field 1 (entire resource)
  • Entire Facility blocks Field 2 (entire resource)
  • etc...
  • Field 1 blocks Entire Facility
  • Field 2 blocks Entire Facility
  • etc...

Once the rules are all created it will be simple to book the whole facility. In our example you won't need to create blocking rules for your sub-resources since the entire resource is blocked.

A good example for sub-resource blocking is if a playing surface can be sold as half field or quarter field rentals

  • Field 1 (Half Field 1) blocks Field 1 (Quarter Field A)
  • Field 1 (Half Field 1) blocks Field 1 (Quarter Field B)
  • Field 1 (Half Field 1) blocks Field 1 (entire resource)
  • Field 1 (Quarter Field A) blocks Field 1 (Half Field 1)
  • Field 1 (Quarter Field A) blocks Field 1 (entire resource)
  • Field 1 (Quarter Field B) blocks Field 1 (Half Field 1)
  • Field 1 (Quarter Field B) blocks Field 1 (entire resource)


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