Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns give you the ability to create advertisements and put them on receipts, broadcast e-mails, DASH Online e-mails and game reminders.

Create a Marketing Campaign:
  • Click on the Settings in the upper right hand corner and under Products, click Marketing Campaigns.
  • Click "New"
  • For the "Click through URL" line, you can have the customers press the link to a specific advertisement or add your company's website page.
  • Select Zones
    • Select the "zones" you want your advertisements to show up in:
    • Notice each zone has a width and height.  Only ads that are equal or smaller to the zone width and height will show up in those zones.  For example, if you select the "receipts - bottom" zone you want to make sure you have an ad that is equal or less than 468 pixels wide.

Note: Game reminders will only use the DASH email bottom zones.

Create An Advertisement:

Once you've created a campaign, go back to the campaign overview page. Find your campaign and then click the "ads" button.

You can either create a text based ad or upload an image.  Below, I chose to create a text based ad by entering in my ad text in the "free text" box.  You must then supply the width and height of the advertisement.  NOTE:  this is where you want to make sure it fits in the zones that you want the ad to show up in.  Remember, I selected the DASH Emails Top zone which is 468x60 and thus entered that width / height below.  Click "Save" and the preview will show up at the top as shown below.  You can create multiple ads, text or graphical, for one campaign.  Once done, click back to the campaign overview page.

*If creating an ad using an image, you will need to upload the picture from your computer and leave the text box empty.
Test Your Campaign:
Back at the campaign overview page you can test your campaign by using the ad generator.
Select the zone in which you want to see an advertisement for and then click the "test ad" button.  A random ad selected for that zone will show up at the top.  If you have multiple ads or campaigns for a particular zone you may need to click multiple times to see the ad you just created.  If you don't see your ad, make sure you've added the correct zones to your campaign, the image size fits into the zone size and that the campaign start date is set to today or earlier and end date is in the future.  Once you see your advertisement, you can click on it to make sure it goes to the right drop page.
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