DASH 9.0 User Interface Updates

We've made several improvements to the DASH user interface:

  1. Menu Bar:
    • has full names.
    • Downward arrow indicates an expandable menu.
    • All Reports is only located within the reports dropdown menu.
  2. Color scheme has changed to Blue and Green. Also, the font is bigger.
  3. Location is displayed in the upper right corner near Setting.
  4. Checkout screen updated with Account Credits and Gift Cards.
  5. History menu has categories labeled: Recent Customers, Recent Teams, Recent Classes & Recent Camps.
  6. The Tools, All Reports and Admin Settings pages share a new layout. Sections are displayed on the left sidebar, like chapters. Individual pages have large buttons on the right. Allows for quicker navigating to the section needed.
  7. Resources Page, Event Type Manager, Product Edit and System Events pages have been redesigned as well.
  8. The checkout screen has been redesigned with the additions of being able to  create and use an Account Credit, pay by a Gift Card, and take multiple kinds of payment types in one transaction.
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