Custom Forms Quick Reference

Go to Settings-> Customer-> Custom Forms to edit your custom registration questions.

Field Types

The following field types are supported:

  • Text Field - Single free form text field that allows up to 255 characters.
  • Paragraph - Larger area to allow users to enter comments, etc. Choose a number of Rows to determine how big the paragraph response area will be
  • Checkbox - Use for a yes/no type of question. Enter a "1" in Value if you want the Checkbox to be checked by default.
  • Dropdown - A drop down list of options.
  • Autocomplete - The customer will begin typing their answer and a list of suggestion completions will be shown as they type. A good option when a Dropdown would be too big to be useful, typically if you have more than about 30 possible answers, but you still want to provide guidance and not depend on a free form Text Field.

Field Type Parameters

  • Label - This should be a short way to ask your question, ie "School" - this will be displayed on the customer's registration form. Avoid using too-wordy questions.
  • Description - Use this to describe the question internally. This is not displayed to end-users. For your reference.
  • Size - Slide the bar to change the size of your input field. If you have a Text Field, this determines the width of the answer area. If you have a multi-select Dropdown, this determines the number of options displayed at once.
  • Required - You can make the customer answer the question when registering via DASH Online if you mark the field as required. This however does not require the staff to fill out the information.
  • Internal - If you would like to ask specific questions that only the staff sees, you can click this.
  • Value - On Dropdown or Autocomplete fields these are the values to be listed and selected from. For a Text Field or Paragraph, this optional value will be displayed in the answer area by default. Click on the 'add' link to add another Value and click on the 'X' link to remove one.
  • Rows - Shown only for Paragraph type. Slide the bar to get the box to the size you want.

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