Creating Teams

Normal Team vs House Team

There are 2 different types of teams in DASH. They are determined by how you want to charge your customer. If you want to have the team pay a set price of $1000 that the entire team will be responsible to pay, then they should be set up as a Normal Team.  If you would like to charge each player on the roster an individual fee, then this team should be set up as a House Team.

How to Create a New Team

  1. Make sure the pricing is correct for the current season for both Normal Teams and House teams.
  2. Once your season and leagues are all set up, teams can then be added. Click on Teams under the Programs menu and then press the "New Team" button.
  3. Start filling out the fields on the form. Be sure to enter a min and max number of players (on-line registration will close if max number of players reached).
  4. Choose a Team Type (Normal vs House Team)
  5. Click Create.
  6. You will be prompted to Invoice team. It is highly suggested that you Invoice at this time otherwise this step could be forgotten.
  7. For a Normal Team, be sure to add a manager or coach by going to the team you created and click the "Add Customer" button. This will bring up a blue box asking if you would like to add them and if you would like to send a registration e-mail if you assigned one to be sent at the Season level. Click Yes.
    • Check the open box under the Mgr (Manager) column and click Save to assign that customer as the Manager or coach for the team.


By default, pricing is set at the league level but can be changed at the team / class level using the Fee drop down.

Private Vs Public

Each team can be set to private or public.  This setting changes how customers can view and join team online. A public team is like a "house" team and is open to anyone to join at open registration. A private team requires the person to be invited or must request to join the team. A private team does NOT hide a team online.  It simply restricts how people can register for it.


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