Searching for Classes, Teams, Camps

The Search page for each of these program types can be found by hovering over the Programs drop down menu. Team, Class and Camp will appear. With these reports, you can use a variety of filters such as Season and Level to display teams, classes, and camps of your choosing.

Search by Name, Team/Class/Camp ID, Age ("4y"), or Time ("3pm"). Only typing digits will attempt to search for a Team/Class/Camp ID with that specific number.

Alternatively, if you know part of the roster name, you can type one word of the name into the global search box and hit your enter key.

Day of the Week (DOW) search option will show classes on a given day of week (as long as the roster has been customized with this information).

When looking at rosters on this search page, you can click the box "Show Money" to display balances or how much has been paid. See below for a screenshot example.

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