New Customer Checklist

Merchant Account Setup
In order to run credit cards in DASH, your merchant account will need to work with the Paypal Payflow pro gateway.  Please contact our preferred merchant provider, Matt Ammer, if you don't already have a merchant account.  If you have a current merchant account please email us your merchant provider contact information so we can determine if your merchant account is compatible with Paypal payment gateway. You can visit our Merchant Account Set-up for more details.
Credit Card Swipers
You'll need the hardware to swipe credit cards in order to get the lowest rates possible. They are very inexpensive and usually pay for themselves within a couple weeks. Please see our recommended hardware page.
Webcam For Customer Profile Pictures
You may want to take pictures of your customers to store on their account. We recommend the Logitech webcams, although most webcams should work.
Card Printing
We have a couple different options if you would like to print Player or ID cards. You can check out our DASH Player Card help page on Card printing through DASH Platform. Another option is to go through Jolly Print software that is available for a license fee via ID Edge. To get a quote and get setup for card printing see our Jolly Print help page.

DASH Online Setup

Here's information on how to put DASH Online on your website.
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