Fitness Management

DASH can be used to run a fitness center to automatically collect membership dues and track other fitness operations. Below are categorized topics for running a fitness center.


Monthly and yearly memberships can be used to automatically renew and charge the customer's account.  To automatically renew and collect membership fees, you must setup a membership with auto renew turned on at the product level. When a customer has a membership that auto renews, the membership will renew on the expiration date, creating a new invoice for the membership amount with a payment schedule for the total invoiced.  The payment schedule is then collected on the customer bill date listed on their payment information.

Customer Payment Information

Each customer profile has a form to enter their payment information for either a credit card or a bank account for doing EFT.  It is important that customers who have memberships that auto renew contain payment information or they will not be charged.

Money Collection

The collection of money is done through payment schedules.  Customers with a credit card on their account will get charged for any invoices that have payment information on their Bill Day of that month. Customer with ACH/EFT payment information will need to be collected manually through your bank's EFT process.  To get your EFT amount you will run the customer membership report and format it according to your banks standards.  Most banks can accept a CSV (comma separated file via spreadsheet software) to make the EFT.  Doing EFT is a manual process but only needs to be done once a month.

Customer Access Control Tracking

DASH will allow you to do customer access control using barcoded key chain cards or wallet sized cards.  Each card will need to have it's own unique id formatted to DASH software requirements.  Each time the customer enters the facility they will scan their card and their profile will be presented to alert the staff of any payment or membership issues.  An access report is also available for the entire facility.

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