Reference Transactions

Reference transactions give you the ability to submit another credit card transaction with a different amount without needing the original card by referencing an already successful credit card transaction.

*Keep in mind, this does not reverse an invoice by any means. You will still need to reverse the item if you are doing a payment refund to a customer's credit card.

Authorizations Required

In order to create a reference transaction the user needs to have the "Reference Transaction" authorization. The user will also need to have the "Refund Authorization" if they are crediting the card.

How To Make Additional Payment on Open Invoice

All credit card transactions have a Transaction ID that will be displayed on the receipt in the form of "VX39912993". If you need to add an additional payment on an invoice, you can do so without having the card present.

From the open invoice page, simply click on the "REF" link by the payment you want to reference.


This will populate the Create Reference Transaction form.

Edit the amount you want to charge the customer. By default, it will place $0 in this field. Decide if you want to send an email and a custom note and click process to charge the card.

NOTE: If you are crediting a customer, this will leave an open invoice which is why we suggest you follow the directions below instead.

How to Credit a Customer Using a Reference Transaction

Is your customer requesting a full refund, partial refund, or are you needing to refund an existing Account Credit?

If a customer decides they would like a full refund for a service or product that originally was purchased using a credit card within the last year, you can simply reverse the invoice and select from the list of past cards used at the checkout screen.

In some cases, you may only need to refund part of an invoice (select items from an invoice or a partial amount paid).

In the case where an account credit has already been created, the only option to pay your customer back on to a credit card is by using the reference transaction feature.

  • Go to the original invoice where the customer paid with their credit card and copy the transaction ID associated to the credit card you want to use.
  • Lastly, go to the customer's credit invoice and type in the Create Reference Transaction Box, the negative amount your are crediting back to the customer along with a payment note if desired. Paste the transaction ID you copied from the original invoice. See below for the example of how the last step will appear.

Special Notes:

  • You can create a reference transaction from any transaction ID but the invoice that the new payment will get added to will be the one you are currently on.
  • If you have multiple facilities with different Paypal accounts attached, your reference transaction must be in the same location the original transaction took place. You will receive an error if you try to submit a transaction to a different facility's Paypal account.
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