Using Custom Forms with Event Types

Administration - Event Types

If you have the Super User Authorization, you will be able to create new Event Types to add to your facility's calendar. For each event created, a custom form can be attached and even a default length can be pre-determined to make the set-up process even quicker. On this page, you can decide whether you want to have your different events have the following criteria:

  • Attach customer
  • Attach invoice
  • Publish to DASH Online
  • E-mail or SMS reminder
  • Add a Home and Away Team for Scrimmages or Practices
  • Add an Event Roster
  • Assign a product to charge to an assigned roster

Check out this VIDEO demonstrating the new calendar and setting up alternate event types.

Assigning Custom Forms to Events in Calendar

You can now add a custom form to an event in DASH. This is only seen and filled out on the admin side. For example, in this screen shot, they have created a new Event Type for Parties and assigned all of the info they want to have for the party. These can include food ordered, invites sent, etc.

Access to Custom Form Answers from Events

If you want to print out or access all of the answered fields on the custom form that has been attached to an event, you do this through the Event Search Page.

  • Select date range
  • Choose Resource if you would like to narrow down your search.
  • Choose the Event Type that has the custom Form attached to it.
  • Click Search to make sure your search parameters are correct.
  • To see the answers, you will need to press the "Export CSV" button.

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