Automatic Employee Email for Registrations

When a customer is added to a roster for a Class, Team, or Camp either on the Admin side or through DASH Online, the Employee listed as "Responsible" will receive an automatic e-mail notification. They will also receive a separate email every time a note or comment is added. This can happen when a customer is in DASH Online registering for a Program and adds a comment at that time or from the Admin side, an employee can add a comment in the "Note" section.


From the Class, Team, or Camp page, start typing the employee name in the Responsible field that you would like to receive the email notifications.

Here is an example of an email the employee would receive if a customer has been added to the roster.

If your employee chooses to unsubscribe from these notifications, they can go to their Employee or User Profile page and uncheck the box labelled "Email Notification".

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