Create prerequisites that customers must pass in order to register for a higher level program.


Create a Prerequisite

  1. Using the main Search box, start typing "prerequisites" until it auto fills and select that page. You can also find this by going to the Settings page and under programs, you will see the Prerequisite page link.
  2. Click the "+" button to create a new Prerequisite.
  3. Name your Prerequisite. For example if you offer Technical Soccer Classes or Swimming Classes, you may choose to have multiple levels that the customer must qualify for or even try out for in order to be placed on the next level's roster.
  4. You can choose whether the prerequisite can prevent people from registering by saying "yes" to the "Controls Registration" option. 
  5. Click 'Save' when finished.
  6. Next, press on the "levels" link to add all of the Prerequisite Levels you will need.
  7. Click the "+" button to create a new Prerequisite Level. These are what will be assigned to your season's levels (leagues) and used for team/class/camp registration restrictions. Go ahead and add however many as you feel necessary. It's recommended that you add some sort of easily recognizable numbering system, such as 'Level 1', 'Level 2', 'Level 3', etc.

Attaching Prerequisite to Levels

  1. Go to the Level Maintenance page for the season you have been working with. Select the lowest season level that you will be assigning your prerequisite Level 1 designation to. Once you click the Edit button next to the Season's Level name, you will see a new option called 'Prerequisite Level'. From here, select the prerequisite and the correct level. Repeat this process for any other Prerequisite Level 1 programs you may offer.
  2. Next, you will need to assign any upper season level programs you may offer within the same season. As soon as you hit 'Save', all customers trying to register for any teams/classes/camps within this league will be subject to the new prerequisite requirements.

Prerequisite Requirements

  1. Anyone is able to register for teams/classes/camps at the first prereq level. For teams/classes/camps beyond the first prereq level, the customer will need to have it recorded that they have 'passed' a team/class/camp at the previous level.
  2. Once one or more customers are enrolled for a team/class/camp that has prerequisite requirements, you can record their pass/no pass status on the team's 'Attendance' page. If a customer gets a particular prereq level checked off here, they are then eligible for all class/teams/events at the next level up (as well as any at the same or lower levels).
  3. On DASH Online, if you try to register for a class/camp/team that you are not eligible for, you should see a warning/denial message.
  4. On the admin side of DASH, if you try to add a customer to a team that they do not currently fit the requirements for, you should see a warning, along with an override check box you must select before you can perform the action.


  • In order to create and/or edit a Prerequisite, an employee must have the authorization "Prerequisite Management" assigned to their role. By default, the role System Admin, has this authorization.
  • Any employee will be able to override the prerequisite warning that appears on the admin side.

Other Notables

  • Once a customer has passed a certain prereq level, this will appear on their profile page under the roster section.
  • On the team/class/camp search page, once you choose a season to search by, if a Level (league) has a Prerequisite assigned to it, you will see it displayed next to Level listing column.

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