Discount Limitations




  • Shauna Munro

    I would like to set up discounts for camps, based on the number of sessions purchased, with 2 discount levels.  For example, I would like the "base" price to be $20/session.  If they purchase 6 or more, the price would drop to $16.50/session.  If they purchase 12 more, the price would drop to $14.50 per session.  Can you help me?

    We are currently charging for a "membership", which allows them to participate in a certain number of sessions per week, but we're finding it impossible to accurately track the participation.  If I create a "camp" so we can set it up on the calendar, and create a roster to work with, that might make it easier.

    Or - any other suggestions that you might have??


  • Shauna Munro

    Also - one other question - is there any way to show the dates paid for each participant on the attendance roster?

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