Adding Discount to the Shopping Cart

Apply Discounts to a Shopping Cart

If you would like to apply a discount manually by typing in the discount code after the product is in the shopping cart, you can enter the discount code in the 'Discount Code' area of the shopping cart and press 'Update'. 

If you have set your discount to 'Automatic', your discount may appear without entering a code once the product is added to the shopping cart. 

Please note that whether you choose 'Code' or 'Automatic', you likely will have set other conditions on your discount. All conditions will have to be met for the discount to apply. 

DASH Online

When creating your discounts, you have the option to allow discounts in DASH Online. You can either have them apply automatically when a product is added to their shopping cart or provide your customers with the necessary discount code ahead of time to enter into the shopping cart. 

In this example, you can offer an on-line only discount to customers who register on-line. We are offering them $10 off if they register before a specific date. This would be a great way to push people to register via DASH Online.

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