Ringing up products via Cash Register

There are a variety of ways you can ring up products from the Cash Register page:

  1. Use a bar code scanner to scan in a product you have already entered into the system. For example, if you sell a variety of beers in your facility and want to track which one sells better, the easiest way to do this would be to scan their UPC code on their product page and at the end of each month you can report on this.
  2. Type in the UPC code in the box at the top of the page (see screenshot below). This is also set at the product management page. This can be a shortened, easy to remember code for everyone to remember but something that you don't want to have available for all to see. Like a special discount for example. 
  3. In this VIDEO, I discuss using your Cash Register to ring up products like concession items, rentals, and birthday parties and how you can link them to customers.
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