Accounting for Partial Payments

DASH allows you to invoice a customer now, and let them pay later. You may want to do this in cases where you require a deposit now for a party and pay in full the day of. Or, customers registering for multiple weeks of camp or field rentals, you can invoice them for the whole amount and collect the rest later.

This function, however, creates a “Gap” between the Sales Report total and the GL Report total. Simply put, the Sales Report lists all payments made, while the GL Report shows all invoiced amounts. If you invoice a customer today, and let them pay later, the Sales Report would not list a transaction because no payment was made, while the GL Report would show the amount invoiced to the client. 

Each period you want to see all the transactions that created the “Gap,” you can run the Customer AR Report for the same date range as you have for the Sales Report and Category Sales Report. This report ending balance should also match the balance in your DASH Customer AR account on your General Ledger. 

Reconciliation – To reconcile the reports, follow this format:

          Sales Report Total                                        $ x,xxx.xx

Add: Invoice total on Customer AR Report     +$ xxx.xx
Less: Payment total on Customer AR Report - $ xxx.xx

Category Sales Report Total                         $ x,xxx.xx


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