Creating a New Season

  1. The first step you will need to consider when setting up a new season is to check your class, team or camp fee that you will be using for this season. Make sure the price is correct and labeled appropriately.
  2. Once this is done, go to Programs menu then Seasons. Click "+" button to create a new Season.
  3. Choose Location.
  4. Label the name of the season (for example, Adult Soccer Spring March-June 2010).
  5. Select the type of season you are creating.
  6. Enter in your start and end dates for the season. If you have leagues starting on different weeks, choose the date for the earliest league and the end date for the last league.
  7. Select the Program, if any. 
  8. Description: When the customer is in DASH Online and scrolls over the Season name, they will see the Season Description. You can put what the season dates are going to be or how many games or classes there will be for example.
  9. If you have a deposit required for your normal teams, this information will be displayed in DASH Online. When a team is created online, they will be required to pay the deposit in order to sign up.
  10. Registration Form: If you would like to have your customers receive a pre-set form of questions that you have created to fill out prior to registration, you can choose which form to add to this season.
  11. Registration Email: You can create an e-mail template (Settings > Customers > Email Templates) to send to all your customers that register to give them pertinent information about the season they just signed up for.
  12. Online Registration: If you choose not to have customers be able to add themselves to rosters or create new teams, leave the "enable online registration toggle unselected".
    • Otherwise, when you turn the toggle on you can enter in the start and end dates that you want your customers allowed to sign up on-line. If you still want people to be able to add themselves to rosters but not add new teams to the season, un-check the "Enable new teams" box.
    • Priority Registration: Allow certain groups to register before the general public by turning on the Priority Registration feature.
  13. Season History: For reporting with the Season Dashlet
  14. Click "Save new season" button.
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