Camp Reversals

There are two different ways to reverse a customer who is enrolled in a camp.
You can either start by going to the invoice where the customer paid for the camp and click the "R" next to the line item for the camp. Another option is to go to the camp roster and to the left of the customer's name, you can click on the amount paid to bring up the dates the customer is currently registered for.
  1.  In either of the above cases, unselect the events you want to reverse. Then press the "Continue".
  2. If the customers received any discounts or if you need to reverse any add-on's, you will need to go back to the original invoice and click the "R" next to these as well so they appear in the shopping cart.
  3. Once you are done adding items into your shopping cart, press Checkout.
  4. Choose your payment type (Check Refund, Credit Card, or Cash back to the customer).
  5. Write a payment note explaining why they are receiving a refund and choose whether you want them to get the e-mail for the receipt.
  6. Submit Payment.
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