Customer Tags

In DASH you can create groups of tags, which can then be assigned to customers for reporting, marketing and other informational purposes.

  1. Click the Settings in the upper right hand corner. Within the Customer section, select "Tags". Or you can start typing "tags" in the global search bar and select it from the dropdown.
  2. Once on the Customer Tags page, click the "+" to create a new Tag Group. 
  3. For example; "Marketing" is a good Group Tag to have. 
  4. Once the Group is created, you can add individual Tags to this Group Tag. So in our Marketing Tag example, we may create tags for Open House 4/1/2016, Derby Days, or any other events where you hand out fliers to your customers and you are interested in tracking them as they sign up. 
  5. Go to your Customer profile page that you would like to assign this new tag to. Over on the right hand side you will see a list of Group Tags. Click the Add button. This will bring up the individual tag that you can associate to a customer. For example, the Open House Tag would be clicked here. 
  6. If you would like to run a Customer Search and Email Report and e-mail your customers with a specific Customer Tag, here is how you can do this.
    1. Navigate to the Customer Search and Email Report from the reports menu or by starting to type "Customer Search & Email" in the global search bar and then selecting it from the options.
    2. Choose your search parameters (Season, Tags, etc).
    3. Click Search just to make sure you have the correct subset of customers. It is best to spot check your search to make sure it is correct.
    4. Click the E-mail Editor button. Compose your e-mail or choose from an existing template stored in your E-mail templates section.
    5. Always send a test e-mail to yourself so that you can see how the e-mail will appear to your customers.
    • NOTE: The e-mail search function will only work if you either choose to search by seasons or if you search by Tags. If you choose a season and also click a customer tag, it will only bring up those customers that are enrolled in that season that are assigned that Tag.  
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