Upcoming roster and discount changes




  • Jen Giorno

    we need the players who receive a full discount to appear in the paid section.

  • Micah Pigott

    Using the DASH link provided, I'm still showing that teams receiving a discount still show as owing the amount of the discount after paying in full. In other words, they paid the full fee except for a $100 discount and show as owing $100. Otherwise, it looks good.

  • Chris Kubota

    This works for us.  I don't see or foresee any issues.

  • Steve Abbatine

    This all looks good in the screenshots but when I used the link  https://apps.dashplatform.com/test/dash/admin/ it still showed customers that received full discounts in the UnPaid section. 

  • Anthony

    pushing out updates now.. Steve, I'll take a look at your team if you can send me the id.

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