Upcoming roster and discount changes

A couple weeks ago a change was made where discounts were netted out of the roster paid totals and individual discounts were disabled for normal team payments. This caused several issues listed below.  These issues will be resolved and addressed in an upcoming release but I wanted to get some feedback from users that have reported the issues.  Please use the following links below (one for each version) to view how the changes look like against your current data.





  • Customers fully discounted show in the unpaid section.  Fix: now customers will show the netted amount paid but will also show any discounts the customer received.  See screenshot 2 where Don Crowe was fully discounted and now shows as "paid".
  • Discounts were disabled for normal teams.  Fix:  The discount engine will continue to work for normal teams and the Team Sales report will show another column called "disc".
  • "Owes" column on the customer profile has been removed.  This information was only used for "normal teams" and misleading for house teams or classes. Now a team balance will show up under the team name on the customer screen.  (see screenshot #1)





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    Jen Giorno

    we need the players who receive a full discount to appear in the paid section.

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    Micah Pigott

    Using the DASH link provided, I'm still showing that teams receiving a discount still show as owing the amount of the discount after paying in full. In other words, they paid the full fee except for a $100 discount and show as owing $100. Otherwise, it looks good.

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    Chris Kubota

    This works for us.  I don't see or foresee any issues.

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    Steven Abbatine

    This all looks good in the screenshots but when I used the link it still showed customers that received full discounts in the UnPaid section. 

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    pushing out updates now.. Steve, I'll take a look at your team if you can send me the id.

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