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  • Starla Seabaugh

    I like the feel and look of it.  My favorite feature is the search field.  Comments from our staff about the cash register icon being a "shopping cart" instead of a cash register.  Obviously you guys don't take things as literal as we do. 

    The calendar had more space and was easier to read.  The flow was good, will take some getting used to finding everything such as team search is now program search, customer search report is advanced search, etc.  Could not find where to change the yyyy/mm/dd feature but looking forward to that one.

  • Starla Seabaugh

    Also, could not open the MySAM page for evaluation.

  • Anthony



    I've updated the DASH MySAM URL.  It points to arenasports but you can get to psa's here  https://apps.dashplatform.com/dash?cid=psa

    The date preferences can be in the company preferences and at each users profile screen.  Also updated the list of updates in this forum.


  • Shauna Munro

    Anthony - I like the new ability to add another event to an existing one, but still wish that you would add the option to change an event TYPE - ie - change "block" to "rental".  Or - at the very least, the option to add a customer number to a "block" event.  We often "block" time on our calendar for a potential rental, so if it DOES become a rental, that block must be deleted and re-entered.  It sure would be nice to be able to run a report to make sure that all "blocks" for a particular customer were either changed to rentals, or deleted entirely.

  • Shauna Munro

    Okay, and I just played in the audit log.  I added another fur-baby to my personal account to see how the audit log works.  I see that it shows that a customer is added, but doesn't seem to give any more info - ie, who the customer is, who's account it was on, etc. 

  • Micah Pigott

    Hi Anthony,

    I'm just starting to dive into here and thought I'd leave a few notes from my first random go around with this. I love where this is headed and we're really excited about the possibility of embedding search features into the website as we're inundated with this request, particularly for our youth tournaments outdoor. Here are a few thoughts:

    1) MySAM portal Team Page - It's pretty difficult to locate team standings. You can click schedule and then scroll down, but my soccer intuition expects to see a standings link as well. I found other ways to navigate to league standings, which were pretty cool, but if you click on a team page, it'd be great to add a "Standings" link.

    2) From leagues to levels - I'm nitpicking a little but, why the name levels? Would this require any restructuring of our leagues or classes on our ends? Just looking at a list of "levels" on the administrative end, most are leagues or age groups and none are particularly named as a level of play. If we're alone in this naming convention, I understand.

    3) The admin search box - I love the universal nature of this search box! Unfortunately, right now if you search anything with two words, it defaults to looking for a customer. So, if I'm looking for team FC United, it looks for a person named FC United. Conversely, if I put someone's last name in there, it looks for a team titled by that last name. 

    4) Something for the longer term with the embedded search is that if could auto-filter by the part of the website being visited. For example, if someone went to our youth indoor leagues webpage, the search would filter to the most current season of that particular program. I can only imagine that there would have to be significant agreement between the web portal language and the dash language (code? I don't know tech terms) in order for this to work, but it'd be a great feature to have to ease the search process.

    Thanks for reading. I'll be back with more I'm sure!

  • Harvey Greenridge

    Hey guys the one thing i really would like to see added is an e-mail notification when people register for a class or teams. this should be an option that can be turned on or off and specific e-mails can be assigned to get the notification. 

  • Anthony


    1) There is now a standings button on the team page

    2) Ya, i get it.  We'll work on this labeling but for now "level" makes more sense for classes and teams than the label "leagues"

    3) We'll continue to work on the DASH search.  If you have feedback on how to provide a better interface please let me know.



    Thanks for your feedback.  Although there isn't an email notification every time someone registers, the new dashboard will have information on who last registered.  I'll include a screenshot of the dashboard.  





  • Greg Wilcox

    Hey Anthony,

    We'd love to see the option to have the traditional e-mailing option when e-mailing one specific team, rather than having to go through the CSR option.  We e-mail teams often times for times of cancellations, forfeits, rain outs etc, and the old way was much, much quicker and involved less steps and copying & pasting.  Any chance for having the traditional option as well?

  • Anthony

    Greg, what are the specific issues with using the CSR?  Perhaps we just need to fix those.

  • Greg Wilcox

    Thanks Anthony.  I'd say the biggest issue is just the amount of extra clicks and copying & pasting etc.  In the old format, you'd just type a subject line and the body of text and hit send.  

    For the CSR, you hit Email, then Email again, then subject line, add a template, enter the text, then copy it into the text only box.

    It's not a huge complaint by any means.  I just thought I'd see if there was an option to offer both the old and the CSR option.

    One other suggestion that would be nice.  Since each user often times uses different functions of DASH more than others, it would be helpful to have an option to customize a "favorites toolbar" at the top of your DASH.  This would function similarly to people's favorite's toolbar on their web browser, offering hot buttons to each users' most frequently used functions in DASH.  I'm thinking to the right of the search box you could bookmark a couple reports or favorites (i.e. League Scheduler, Sales Report, Program Search, etc.)  Just a thought.

  • Anthony

    The advantages of using the CSR is you can send out templates.  We'll probably just streamline this process a bit more but in both cases you have to type a subject and email.... again, I'll look at streamlining it.

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