Card ID & Player Cards through DASH

You may choose to use either DASH's built-in player cards, or use JollyPrint

Make your selection on the Company Settings page.


You can use DASH's default card design, or come up with something that better suits your needs

Design your card on the PlayerCard Design page.


Use our variables to fill in details

  • {$first} = customer's first name
  • {$last} = customer's last name
  • {$birthDate} = customer's birthdate
  • {$age} = customer's age
  • {$company} = your company's name
  • {$logo} = your company's logo as <img> tag
  • {$logoURL} = the URL for your company's logo (for custom <img> tags)
  • {$barcode} = generated barcode <img> tag for your customer's ID
  • {$barcodeURL} = URL for generated barcode, for custom <img> tags
  • {$cardID} = numeric customer card ID
  • {$picture} = <img> of your customer's profile pic
  • {$pictureURL} = URL for customer's profile pic, for custom <img> tags
  • {$membership} = basic membership info
  • {$membershipWithDate} = membership info with expiration dates
  • {$tags} = any tags for this customer from groups with the "PlayerCard" option selected

Print out player cards from the customer's profile page.



Hardware Recommendation

Please contact ID Edge for recommendations on printer hardware and cards that would be suited for your needs.

Dianne Lippoldt | Sales Representative | ID Edge Inc

Email | Web

Phone 303-665-0405 Ext 18 | Fax 303-665-4026 | Toll Free 800-798-3343


Existing Customers & Technical Support

John Davis | Tech Support | ID EDGE

Email | Web

Phone 303-665-0405 | Fax 303-665-4026 | Toll Free 800-798-3343


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