Exporting Customers into Constant Contact

Using Constant Contact

In order to use Constant Contact with DASH, you must signup and provide our support team with your login credentials to your constant contact account. Be sure to tell Constant Contact while signing up that you need to be placed under our partner account (DASH Platform).

DASH has the ability to export customer lists from the customer search tool into a new or existing constant contact list.

Here is how you do this:

  1. Click on the Customer drop down and select the Search & Email report.
  2. Simply search for a subset of customers you are wanting to target and click on the Constant Contact button, select an existing list or create a new one. Click Export.
  3. Log into your Company's Constant Contact account.
  4. If your list is large, an activity import will be created under Contacts->Activity within Constant Contact. An activity sometimes can take a few minutes to process. Once processed the customers will be a part of the list you imported them to.
  5. From within Constant Contact you can create emails and marketing campaigns.

A dashboard of your Constant Contact email campaigns and their stats is provided in DASH by clicking on Settings in the upper right hand corner and selecting Constant Contact which is listed under Products. You can also type "Constant Contact" in the global search box.

Here are some important notes to consider when exporting customers:

  1. Customers that have opted out of receiving all emails in DASH and customers with bounce codes are not exported to constant contact.
  2. When exporting to constant contact, parent information is exported instead of children information if included.
  3. If someone has opted out in Constant Contact, it does not opt them out of DASH emails. The communication is a one way street (DASH<Constant Contact).

UPDATE 10/22/15 

Constant Contact export now includes the alternate email on the account as well!

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