Posting Sales Transactions

Consider entering your sales detail once a month. All the detail is in DASH; you don't need to enter it again in the accounting system. DASH can generate summary or detail sales reports in any period you choose, whether daily, weekly, monthly or any other time increment, the process is the same. 

At the end of the month, run a GL Report for that month. Remember to choose to ignore team credits when running the GL Report if you do NOT want this level of detail on your financial statements; see the Team Credits section for more details. Then make the following entry:

DR DASH Customer AR

CR League Revenue

CR Class Revenue

CR Pro Shop Sales

CR Membership sales

CR Sales Tax Payable

You get the picture. Enter as many revenue types as you want to track in your accounting system. You can enter as detailed as Snickers, Mounds, Skittles, etc., but we don't recommend that. DASH will give you the sales for any product item you create.

The total of this report should match your Sales Report totals for the month, unless you use the Partial Payment function. The only difference in the accounting will be credit card sales, which have not settled by midnight of the last day of the month (remember those sales will post to your bank based on the settlement time of your merchant service). If you don’t use the Customer Credit function in DASH, your DASH A/R account balance should only have a debit balance for credit card sales not yet settled.

Note: if your GL Report has “Unclassified Products” you will want to properly assign GL Codes to these products before you run this report.
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