Creating Levels (Leagues)

Once your season is created, you will need to create your levels.

  1. There are a few ways to get to the Level Maintenance page.
    • Either go to the Season Maintenance page and next to the Season you are working with there will be a "Levels" button. This will take you to the Levels Maintenance page.
    • The other way is by navigating from the Programs menu and select Levels. Choose the season you just created. 
    • From the Season listing page, you can press on the season name and see all of the levels that have already been created (if any).
  2. From the Level Maintenance page, click the "New Level" button.
  3. If you are on the Season Maintenance page and click on the season name to get to the levels, click "+" on the upper left to create a new Level.
  4. Level Name: Choose a name that is descriptive and helpful for the customer. For example, if it is a Season involving teams, label it with the day of play and the level (Monday Coed C or Sunday BU-10 Rec). For classes, you can label it with the appropriate ages (Hoppers 3-4 Beginners).
  5. Number of games/classes/camps: DASH uses this number (along with the events listed in the calendar for classes) to help charge the correct amount.
  6. Start Date: Choose a date that the level will start on. This date may be different than the season start date.
  7. Classification: Select the sport, sex, age classification, and skill level. These are options to filter the Program Finder by and will be displayed when checking out through DASH Online.
    • New Sport Types and Skill Levels can be created if needed.
    • For the Team season, some of the Sport Types have preset game sheets that can be used.
  8. Program Type: You can create and assign your leagues to specific Program Types to help customer search in the Program Finder in Dash Online.
  9. Prerequisite Type: If you want customers to have completed a certain level to be eligible for the next. 
  10. Standings type (Team season): Leave as Sport Default or change to Percentage Standings, Soccer or Hockey points.
    • Turning Standings to "none" will turn the standings off in both DASH online and the Admin side.
  11. Fee: Select a fee (product) that will be associated with this level. If it is a class, camp, or house team you will want the product to be a per game or class rate (Ex. $12.50). For a season involving teams, you will be asked to provide 2 team fees, one for Normal teams and one for house teams or Individual player teams. If you are not planning on creating any house teams for this level, you can create and use a "dummy" product in the drop down menu to proceed.
    • Registration Fee (Class season): This fee is used as an additional fee that will be automatically added to the shopping cart when the class fee is added. This is not the same things as a Membership fee.
  12. Roster Lock: If you choose to lock your rosters and not allow any changes after a specific date, add this date here.
  13. Registration Form: If you would like to have your customers receive a pre-set form of questions that you have created to fill out prior to registration, you can choose which form to add to this season.
  14. Registration Email: You can create an e-mail template (Settings menu > Customers section > Email Templates) to send to all of your customers that register to give them pertinent information about the season they just signed up for.
  15. Roster Lock: If you choose to lock your rosters and not allow any changes after a specific date, add this date here.
  16. Online Description: The information typed in here will be visible to the customer in DASH Online when they scroll over the level name. It is helpful to give a brief description of the level for your customers.
  17. Max teams (Team season): Online registration will lock when max is reached. 
  18. On-line registration options:
    • Online New Teams Are: This is the default for the pricing structure. Choose Normal Teams if you want all teams created online to be invoiced. Or choose House Teams if you want all teams created online to be the individual fee model. 
    • You can close the registration at the level if you choose.
    • If you require full on-line payment, it will mean that when the person signs their team up via DASH Online, they will be prompted to pay the entire team fee up front instead of only the designated deposit (if applicable).
    • Allow payment by check for group registration (Team season): For online registration, allows team to be invoiced without payment. Set a date the check must be postmarked by.
    • Display statistics (Team season): Shows individual players stats on DASH Online. Adults only. 
    • Display standings (Team season): Shows team records for the Level on DASH Online.
    • Hide private groups (Team and Class season): Prevents customers from seeing private teams in the Program Finder, which also disables their ability to request to join.
    • Allow pro-rating: For classes, DASH will automatically charge a customer the amount of classes left in the session according to the classes remaining in the calendar. Otherwise, it will charge the full session the entire time
  19. Age Restrictions: Set by age ranges or birth date. Age range is based on season start date. 
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