Program Finder

What is the Program Finder?

The Program Finder is a series of customizable filters which allow your customers to search for different programs you offer. The program finder will appear on DASH Online but it can also be embedded into your website.


You can add the program finder to your website with the following html:

<iframe src="{YOUR_CID}&noheader=1" style="width: 100%; height: 800px" frameborder="0">
Replace "{YOUR_CID}" with the company code used to login to DASH.  
There are certain filters you can choose from to display on your Program Finder. By default, all of the filters are turned on. To view these, click on the Settings button in the upper right hand corner or in the global search box, you can start typing in "Settings". Press DASH Online on the left hand side.
You may preset certain filters by adding keywords to the iFrame's source URL. 
The following options are available:
* &sportID={sportID} | Presets the Sport Type filter
* &programID={programID} | Presets the Program filter
* &programLock={programID} | Presets and locks the Program filter
* &defaultSort=Name | Defaults display to sort by name instead of Start Date
* &t={teamTypeCode | t = team, c = class, k = camp | e.g. }
Add these after noheader=1 and before the quotation mark. 
For example, if you wanted to add a program lock for the Program with an ID of 4, you would adjust the iFrame URL to be:{YOUR_CID}&noheader=1&programLock=4 
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