Camp Check In

Getting Started

To get to the Camp Check In screen, click on "Tools" icon from the main navigation bar. Select "Camp Check In" listed under the Programs section.
Once at the Camp Check In screen you will be presented with a variety of controls. Complete the check in process by following the steps listed below.

Set the Check-in Date

By default, the system will use the current day, but if you'd like to check in a few days ahead, or even just review information for a different day, click within the box labeled "Date" and make a new selection. The system will restart and any information you bring up will be from the new date chosen.
Search For Customers
Below the date selection panel is a box used for searching for registered customers. Begin by typing a first name, a last name, a first and last name separated by a space, the last four digits of a phone number, or a customer ID. After clicking the magnifying class and waiting a few moments, the matching customers will pop-up as a list below. From this list, click the boxes next to the customers that you would like to check in, or review information for.
Review/Update Information
Checking the boxes on the left will cause a corresponding detailed customer information box to appear on the right side of the window.
This panel contains a great deal of information, and is designed to help you to determine at a glance if a customer is ready for check in. In addition to viewing information you will be able to quickly update a customer's data in a few ways. You may take a new photo by clicking on their existing one (or the "No Image" button if a photo isn't available), mark existing purchase orders as "deliverd" by clicking on the item name, add a new special or medical note by clicking the button labeled "Add note", or modify the list of people authorized for customer pickup upon check out by clicking the "Add/Remove" button in the section titled "Pickup".
Check In Customer(s)
Near the top-right of the window is a row of several buttons. If you have followed the steps correctly so far, the green one labeled "Check In" will light up, letting you know that you are able to check in at least one of the selected customers. Go ahead and click it. If everything goes well, you will see that the tops of the currently displayed customer information boxes have turned green. You will also see that the search result panel to the left will display a green icon next to the customer name, letting you know at a glance what each particular customer's check in status is. (If at any point you have made a mistake and need to undo a check in, click the red button connected to the check in button on the top-right button bar). Checking a customer in will save the data on the group attendance. 

Changing Status

If you discover that you have checked someone in or accidentally checked someone out, you can easily undo this action.

  1. Search in the check-in tool for the customer you need to fix the status for. Make sure there is a check box next to only their name on the left hand side.
  2. To the left of the Check-In and Out button, there is a Red button with a circle and a line through it. This is your undo button. Click this to undo your check in or out.

Print Labels

Once at least one selected customer has been successfully checked in, the  "Print" button on the top button bar will become enabled. Click it to print the appropriate labels for all currently shown checked in customers. There is also a text field next to this button that will allow you to adjust the number of copies printed per customer.
From here, you may repeat steps 2-4 until all customers are checked in, or continue on if you are ready to begin check out.

Check Out

Once at least one customer from the currently selected set has been successfully checked in, the "Check Out" button will light up, letting you know that one or more customers are ready for check out. Clicking this button will cause a screen to pop-up where you are prompted to select who from the authorized list of people is picking up each of the eligible customers one-by-one. After completing this process, the successfully checked out customers' information boxes will have a blue header to indicate that check out has been complete.

Video Demonstration

Check out this Video to see it in action!

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