Marketing to Leagues - Sample Timeline

You can strategically time your e-mails and target them to specific people by following a similar schedule that Arena Sports has adopted. The key is to have Email Templates that are appealing to the eye and draw your customers in to seek more information and to not send too many out so that they get tired of the same e-mails over and over. Here is an example of a time schedule you could follow to get interest in an upcoming season:

  • 6 weeks out
    • Send general broadcast email to all customers. Tip: To avoid spamming, you could limit the email to the last 2 years worth of customers enrolled in a season instead of sending it to everyone.
  • 4 weeks out
    • Send an email to the customers currently enrolled in the season going on. Make this email look slightly different than the one sent out a couple weeks prior.
  • 3 weeks out
    • Send broadcast email to all customers telling them it is not too late to get their teams in.
  • 1 week
    • Send an email to all registered teams in the new season to get their deposits in to get 1st games scheduled.
  • Season start
    • Send an email when 1st games have been scheduled giving them directions on how to go to DASH Online and what to expect the first day.
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