Camp Set Up

In order to create Camps in DASH, you need to follow this step by step guideline. 

  1. Create your daily rate for the camp by going to Product Management. Make sure you choose the category "Fee - Class" when creating this new product.
  2. Next, you will need to create a new Season. It is helpful to have the season description in the name. For example "Summer Camp 2014" or "School Break Camp Oct-Dec 2014".
  3. Create your Levels. With camps, you may offer a half day and a full day option so it is best to create multiple Levels because each one of these will have a different price point.
  4. Choose the Camp Registration Type: 
    • Customer can choose which days to register for - Pick this option if you would like to offer a camp where a customer can pick and choose which days they would like to attend
    • Customer can choose which weeks to register for - Requires your customers to register for the entire calendar week.
    • Customer registers for all camp events - Requires your customers to register for the entire series of camp. 
  5. Now create rosters. If you are offering a half day and a full day camp, create 2 camp rosters. Click on the Programs menu and press Camps. This takes you to the Search page. From here click "New Camp" button. You can call the camp something like, "Summer Camp Half Day".
  6. Go to the calendar and create an Event Series for the camp or use the Camp Scheduler. For example, if I was setting up the Half day camps for the entire summer I would want to set up an AM Event Series going from 9-12 and a PM event series going from 1-4pm. I am still going to assign it all to the same camp ID.



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