Email Issues

Email Being Blocked
From time to time mail providers will block our servers from sending email to theirs.  If you believe customer emails are being blocked please contact us so we can verify.  If emails are being blocked, below are some specific ways for each mail providers, you, and your customers can use to get unblocked.
We have most of our issues with Comcast.  We recommend that you suggest to your customers to use a different email provider such as GMail or Yahoo Mail. However, if they want to continue to use their email and would like to continue to receive emails, please contact Comcast through one of the methods listed on their help site and ask them to allow emails coming from 
Email Report
To view a report of all outgoing emails from Dash and DASH Online, go to the Reports menu and select All Reports. Within the System section choose Email History. In this report for example, you can verify if an email has been sent to a specific customer or someone who was registering in DASH Online by searching for their email address. 
Email & SMS History
You can also go to an individual customer profile page and see the emails that have been sent to that customer under the Email and SMS History section. If you click "More" you will be led to their email history for the last 6 months.

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