Customer Types

There are three types of customers you can create in DASH:

  1. Participant 
  2. Non participant (contact or retail customer)
  3. Organization

Participants are customers that have full contact information (address, phone #, etc.) on their profile. 

Non participant accounts are designed for contact only or retail customers. These accounts can be used to purchase products. Contact customers do not have rosters displayed on their customer profile.

The updated Kiosk process allows a customer to create a profile as a Non Participant/Contact. These profiles do not require full contact information. Nor will they have a DASH Online password set up during registration. 

Organizations are similar to Contact customers, except that they can have documents uploaded to their profile. 

If the Contact or Organization has a business name that doesn't work for the First/Last name entry you can enter the last name as 'Business', 'Vendor', or something else descriptive.

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