Subscribing to Employee Calendar

Employees can subscribe to a calendar that displays all events that they have been assigned to as an instructor or referee. 

Employee Calendar Instructions:

  1. Log into DASH Platform using employee login ID and password
  2. Go to your employee profile by clicking "Profile" under their name in the upper right hand corner
  3. If you have a Google calendar click 'Add to Google'. If you have another calendar application on your computer click 'Subscribe' and enter the URL provided using the steps below, if your browser does not default to the correct calendar application on your computer:

1. Click import at the top
2. Choose Subscribe
3. Copy URL from DASH Platform Subscribe link

1. Click File
2. New Calendar Subscription
3. Copy URL from DASH Platform Subscribe link


When subscribing it should happen immediately. However, once it's been added to a calendar application, as well as a mobile device, they can have different Auto-refresh durations.


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