Priority Registration


With this feature, you can allow your customers to register online in different phases if you choose. For example, if you have GIS Enabled on your DASH account, you could open up registration to your residents before your non residents. Two other options you can set are by Prior seasons or Memberships.



On the Season Settings page, we have added a toggle to enable Priority Registration once you have turned on the Online Registration.

Add the dates for your "General" Online Registration to begin first. This will be the date and time that all customers that do not qualify for priority registration will be able to register for the season.


Click the "Enable Priority Registration" toggle. Press the "Add a Priority Group button". Enter a date and time for when the priority group gains access to register for this season. *NOTE: These dates MUST be earlier than your General Public start date you set or you will see an error message.

  • Prioritize by Residents: If you have the GIS Enabled on your DASH account, you will see this option which will allow all of your your "zoned" Residents to register starting at this time.
  • Prioritize by Season: If you would like to allow customers that were enrolled in last season(s), you can either start typing in the name of the season or if you put your cursor in the box, it will automatically display the past seasons of that season type (Team, Class, or Camp). You can choose to leave it at None if you don't want to have that be part of this priority group.
  • Prioritize by Membership: Allow your customers with active memberships to register early by selecting which memberships should apply. Only memberships set to Available Online on their product setup page will display.


Special Notes:

  • It is important to note that if you add multiple options within a priority group, such as residency and prior season, as long as the customer meets at least one of these requirements, they will be able to register. It does not check for all priority cases to be true in order to work.
  • You can add multiple priority groups for a season to stagger the registration times. For example, you may want to first open up the registration to customers that were registered for the prior season. Then add an additional group a few days later which allows customers that registered a couple of seasons ago for example. Lastly, maybe you allow customers who have an active membership get a chance to get in before the general public.
  • Priority Registration does not apply to "normal, private" teams. A customer with Priority registration will be able to create a new team or get on a Public "house team" for example.


Season Export

When exporting a prior season, we have added the ability to carry over any Priority Groups that had been set up for the season. The dates for the priority access will need to be updated with the new season information at the time of the season export.




On the DASH Admin side, we have added a notification to the USER to let them know when they are adding a customer who does not meet the requirements for the Priority Registration. This can be bypassed.



On DASH Online, when a customer is trying to register through the program finder and if they are eligible for the Priority Registration, they will see a Green "Register" button that displays the Priority status. They will be allowed to proceed to register and checkout.


If a customer is not currently able to register but will be able to in the next priority group (if applicable), they will see a Yellow "Register" button that explains when they will be allowed to register.


When a customer is not eligible for a Priority Group, they will see a message that displays the "General" Online Start date and time.


When viewing the Program Finder without being logged in, if a customer sees a program they want to register for and it is labeled as a group that has a Priority group assigned to it, they will be asked to Sign In to see if they qualify.Login_to_qualify.png




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