Digital Signatures (Booking Manager)

In the Booking Manager section of DASH, you can request customers to digitally sign their contracts or other necessary documents, as long as the System Administrator has enabled the feature in Company Settings.

Getting Started

If you plan on sending a Booking Contract through the Booking Manager to be digitally signed, you will need to add the "Digital Signature Contract" in the Event Type under the Booking Settings section.


How it Works

From the customer's Booking page, if you want to send the Booking Contract to be signed digitally, first click to view the Contract. Next, click the blue button that says "Send Document to Signer".


A modal window will appear with the customer's name and email address. This info can be modified and/or more signers can be added.


Click Send when you are ready to initiate the process. Once you have clicked Send, you will see a "0/1" next to the File name. There are 3 dots to the right of the file that allows you to make any changes.


The Signers will receive an email from Hello Sign guiding them through the process on how to sign the contract through their website.


Once they have clicked the "Get Started" button from the email, it will open up the contract or document. At the bottom, HelloSign will add a separate Signature Page. The Signer can either click the box to sign or press the blue "Get Started" button at any time to to advance to the signature area.


Once you have pressed the "Click to sign" area, a modal window will appear. If the customer has signed a document before, it will display their previous signatures. Otherwise, they can choose to draw, type, or upload a signature image.


When the customer has decided on a signature type, they will need to press the "continue" button on the next screen. At this point, the "Terms of Service" will appear for HelloSign. Once they click "I Agree", they will receive a confirmation email.


The employee that initiated the contract will also receive emails during the signature process to update and let them know when the process is complete. In DASH, you will see a check mark when the document has been signed by all. If you have multiple signers on a document, it will also tell you how many have signed. Such as a "1/2".


Once the signature process is done, if you press the three dots to the right of the file, you can choose to download the different files, rename it, or even delete it.




There is a Digital Signature Report in the All Reports section under the System section. This report displays a record of all requests that have been sent to HelloSign. You can use the "Search" Search box to find a specific customer you are looking for or to even look at ones sent on a particular date.


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