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DASH Platform now supports Digital Signatures via partnership with HelloSign. This means that documents needing a legally binding signature can be processed completely within DASH.

Once the feature has been enabled from the Company Settings "Add ons" page, any uploaded document can be sent out for signature by clicking on a button, verifying the Signer Name and Email and clicking Send. The designated signer(s) will receive an email from Hello Sign that a Digital Signature document is awaiting their signature. They can click on the link in the email to go to the Hello Sign website to view and sign the document. Once all the Signers have signed the document, each Signer will get a confirmation email with the signed document attached. Employees who initiated the process will also get an email from DASH after each Signer signs the document and when all Signers have signed the document. The employee can then go into DASH to view/download the document.

Getting Started

To start using the Digital Signature feature in DASH an Admin-level user (with the Company Account Settings auth) must go to the Company Settings page. Proper_auth.png

On the main tab (the Company tab) there is a setting to "Enable Digital Signatures" that has a default setting of disabled. Clicking on that setting to enable, will bring up a dialog box that requires an acceptance of the $0.99/request fee.


Once this Company Setting has been enabled, uploaded files can be sent out for Digital Signature by any user with access to the Booking Manager, User/Employee pages or Customer pages.

Use Case Scenarios

Documents requiring a signature can be sent in a few different locations throughout DASH.

  • Booking Manager: DASH will automatically generate a Digital Signature request for signing the contract. Other files that might need a legal signature that are associated with a Booking might be an insurance agreement or an acceptance of a facility use policy.
  • User/Employee Page: an example of a document that might need a legal signature could be an employee handbook or instructor contract.
  • Customer or Organization Type: an example of a document that might need a legal signature could be team-specific waiver or a concussion waiver.

Acceptable File Types

HelloSign supports a wide range of file types, including doc, docx, pdf, ppsx, ppt, pptx, tif, jpg, jpeg, png, xls, xlsx, txt, csv, html, gif, and many more.

Hello Sign supports file sizes up to 40 MB although DASH only supports uploading files up to 20 MB in size.

*Be sure to check out the Digital Signature Feature in our Booking Manager section and the Reports area as well.


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