USA Hockey Membership Integration


DASH Platform integrates with USA Hockey services to provide a USA Hockey Membership validation. DASH allows for the creation of products that require a membership (such as teams, camps, classes, ice time rental or hockey gear). The result is that USA Hockey Membership can be specified as required for a product and the membership will get automatically validated at the time of signup/checkout.

Set Up

In order to use this new feature, a DASH staff member must turn this on. Please contact us at

A new toggle has been added to our Membership product page.


Once this toggle has been turned on, you can add this membership to any Program product such as a class, team, or camp as a required purchase. For example, below, I added my Electronic Membership Verification to the Adult Team Fee Product for our Spring season.


How It Works

On the Admin and DASH Online side, when you add a customer to a program that will require a USA Hockey Membership, you will see a prompt once you select to add the Electronic Membership to the cart.


 The next screen will ask you to enter in the Hockey Membership ID in order to proceed.


 If a valid membership ID is entered, the contact information for that account will display so that it can be verified. Once this is done, the shopping cart will appear and the customer will be able to proceed to checkout.

Special Note

The expiration of the DASH membership on the customer's page will match the USA Hockey membership expiration date. It will not matter what day the transaction in DASH takes place.

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